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Year in Review: Insync 2018 – Why we’ve gone back to our roots

What a year! 2018 – what can we say?!

A time of consolidation, planning and looking to what’s next.

The last 3 years at Insync Technology have been all about high growth, awards and excitement. Having been recognised as one of the fastest growing tech companies in the CRN Fast 50 for three years running meant we really needed to sit back and regroup (with a glass of bubbles in one hand).

In between all the exciting projects we’ve delivered this year, we’ve taken the time (and invested the money) to consolidate and take stock. Our 5th anniversary in May 2018 was the catalyst to do a big review of our business. While it’s hard to take a step sideways, without these moments of reflection, a growing company can’t continue its trajectory. The time we’ve spent has given us a chance to firm up the foundations, readying us for our next big leap of growth.

With this in mind, here’s how we’ve gone back to our roots this year (in line with our values, of course) and why it means 2019 is going to be a cracker of year for Insync Technology.


Value #1 – Don’t bull$#!t the customer. That’s why we’re here.

We’re not here to be ‘Yes’ people. We’re here to challenge the status quo for our customers. And this year we gave ourselves the same treatment.

Hurray for us! But, in the spirit of not bull$#!tting ourselves, we knew we needed to pause and regroup. This level of growth wasn’t going to be sustainable without taking a long hard look at ourselves.

We’d been in start-up mode for the first few years, concentrating on delivering great work for our customers. Now was the time to put our big-kid-business shoes on.

So, we invested time and money in our culture, team and HR systems to make sure we are set up to tackle our next leap of growth.


Value #2 – Go the extra 1.6 kilometres – don’t accept average results from ourselves, vendors or customers

We don’t do average. We only do exceptional. And we needed to deliver an exceptional working culture for our team.

This year we invested in HR and brought in some consultants. They helped us put in a new organisational structure and focused us on outcome profiles, as opposed to job descriptions, for our team. And they’ve got us lined up to deliver professional development and training plans for the team in 2019. It feels great to have matured in this area of the business.

Our employee survey also gave us a lot to sing about. We believe a happy team equals happy customers and exceptional output. So, we were thrilled to receive one of the highest employee satisfaction scores our HR consultant had ever seen. The survey helped us understand how our company vision and values are interpreted by our team and whether they were comfortably challenged in their roles.

Knowing our team are feeling supported and are clear on where the company is heading, we know they’re ready to grab whatever 2019 throws at us.


Value #3 – Be open and honest – value transparency and outcomes for customers

Honesty is certainly the best policy.

We’ve spent a lot of time this year being honest with our customers. Rather than accepting the status quo, we’ve out-rightly challenged our customers on their decisions and approach.

Overall we’ve been excited by the response. Our customers have mostly appreciated the honesty and many now view us more as a partner, rather than just an outsourced provider.

There’s more trust.

Better relationships.

Improved morale for our customers and team.


Value #4 – Make a call – decide with your best judgement

Flowing on from all this honesty…

Yes, making a call could risk losing the odd customer, but it’s been the right thing to do for them and our team. If we didn’t take this approach 100% of the time, we’d risk more than just losing the customer. We’d risk our customers not achieving the best outcomes because the solutions we provide wouldn’t have been the right fit.

With this in mind, we’ve decided to make a call and define exactly who our ideal customers are. They’re organisations with an open mindset. Organisations open to change.

It’s exciting to have realised this and we’re looking forward to engaging with our ideal customers even more in 2019. 


Value #5 – Admire your work – take the opportunity to have impact, learn and grow

As part of our regrouping, we’ve taken the chance to pat ourselves on the back for the incredible growth we’ve achieved and the work we’ve delivered. We’ve all worked tirelessly to accomplish all Insync have and the whole team feels proud.

And to accomplish these heights we knew we needed new superstars to make it happen. This year saw a huge 30% increase in staff as we welcomed scores of delivery resources and technical brains. They helped us offer even better services to our customers and now we have more flexibility to scale and take on new work – essential factors if we’re going to hit double-digit growth again in 2019.


Value #6 – Don’t walk past a problem – if there’s a better way, let’s do it!

Having taken stock, we can see there is a better way forward.

We’re now in a position to grab that next leap of growth with both hands, thanks to the groundwork we’ve done this year.

We want to scale.

We want to give our existing customers more.

We want our team to be excited every day.

We want to sing about what we’re doing.

Next year, we’re going to do all this and more – we’re welcoming graduates into our fold and we’ll be out in the world telling our story much more.

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