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What is Azure?

As a solutions provider, with a company full of amazing tech-minded experts, we can sometimes take for granted that whilst we understand the technical intricacies and jargon of the solutions we provide, our customers often don’t. One of the biggest and most misunderstood would have to be Azure.

Whilst many have heard of Azure, many more have only the vaguest of vague understanding as to what exactly Azure is and how it works.

Most of us will understand that Azure is Window’s Cloud server – but it is so much more than just that!

In order to help you understand the tremendous power of Azure and the huge potential benefits it could have to your organisation, we’ve put together this Back to Basics Blog.

So what exactly is Azure (in a nutshell)

In a nutshell, Azure is an on-demand data centre in the cloud or hybrid cloud/on-premises. To expand, it is a collection of integrated cloud services (like analytics, computing, database, mobile, networking, storage, and web services) that scales up and down as you need it to.

We’re all familiar with on demand services to one degree or another – our electricity is one that illustrates Azure nicely:

We pay for our electricity at different rates and for different amounts as we move through the day. We have peak times in our day, where we will consume a lot more electricity (for instance, mornings and evenings) compared to other times of the day where we will consume relatively very little (the middle of the night for instance).

We don’t pay electricity as if we’re constantly using it at peak usage fees spanning the entire day. Rather, we only pay for what we use, at the times we use it. More importantly than that however, is that it’s available for us to use it to a greater or lesser degree as we need it, and when we need it.

Azure works in much the same way. It provides us with the capability to scale our data centres up or down, when we need to, in the cloud, or as a hybrid with our current on premises servers, based on our demand at any given time. It can act as our servers (big or small), our disaster recovery and backup, our website platforms, devtest sites, storage, (and the list goes on and on) – all or any combination of these.

Azure is so flexible that it easily integrates with on-premises servers and data centres or stands alone as needed.

You will no doubt have come across the acronyms SaaS, IaaS and PaaS. If you’re in the dark as to what they are, they are simply some of the solution types offered by Azure. To demonstrate this visually, we’ve put together a simple illustration of some examples of the main hybrid and full cloud solutions Azure can provide, compared to a fully on-premises solution.


Azure Everywhere

Azure Everywhere is Microsoft’s onsite, white-glove Azure adoption and ramp up experience for managed customers, who may wish to try Azure out, but are still a little wary. It involves:

  • A workshop, that will help you understand Azure better and enhance your Azure technical and operational skills
  • An Onboarding Accelerator developed by our specialists to create a working proof of concept on Azure.

We’ll be talking more about Azure Everywhere, and some of the more intricate details and options in the coming weeks.

If you would like to find out more about Azure Everywhere, and how to benefit from this amazing offer, contact us on 1300 652 207 or via email at