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Using Technology to Boost Productivity in your Meetings

With technology the way it is in the world today, in person get togethers are no longer the only way to meet with clients, suppliers, staff and prospective clients. In fact, technology has made the entire world easy to reach and conduct business with.

It is estimated that a whopping 37%* off the average employees time is taken up in face to face meetings – and this excludes transit time for many of them!

Thanks to technology, we are now able to hold important meetings with people half way across the world, without ever having to leave the office. Conference calling has been found to save up to 50% of the meeting time, by sheer virtue of eliminating transit time, extended meet and greet time and pre and post meeting waste. It has been shown to boost productivity in staff, as well as improve efficiency and flow in the meeting itself.

Interestingly, while 92%* of knowledge workers value meetings and conference calls as an opportunity to contribute to an organisation, 63% state their presentation performance is negatively impacted by tech issues when getting started.**

Reliable technology is available to your organisation, but setup and education on this technology is of vital importance, if your organisation is to harness it’s power and become a truly Modern Workplace.


As mentioned above, the biggest issues people face are with the inability to depend on the technology at their disposal to reliably perform.

There are several key factors here that you should take into account:

  1. Ensure you have purchased technology that is able to meet your Video Conferencing requirements. Talk to one of our experts about advising you on the right options for your organisation.
  1. Ensure that the technology you’ve purchased has been installed correctly and optimised for ease of use. Talk to one of experts about setup, installation and optimisation of your Unified Communications
  1. Ensure that all relevant staff – not just the IT managers – are educated on the use of your Video Conferencing and UC systems. Our UC experts are passionate about evangelising the use of UC systems and spreading the knowledge and correct us of technology that will cause your organisation to become a Modern Workplace.

An organisation that effectively makes use of technology not only boosts staff productivity, but also positions themselves to be seen as industry leaders.

If you would like to discuss your organisations UC needs – from advice of the proper equipment for your organisation, to installation, optimisation and of course staff training, then contact us today on 1300 652 207 or visit our website today.

** Source: Jabra Knowledge Worker Survey 2015

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