| 2017/12/14 at 8:00am

Think before you judge – The Old Guy Who Breaks Things

Suddenly it’s the Festive Season, and the Old Guy Who Breaks Things is on leave, happily breaking agricultural implements at his place in the country. Not wanting to let you down, we asked his great-nephew, the Young Guy Who Dreams Things, to contribute instead. YGWDT is a technologist, but in sustainable energy, so we hope you don’t mind…


“Thinking is hard”, wrote Carl Jung. “That’s why most people judge.” Look around you and you will see how true this is. We live in a constant state of judgment about each other, rarely pausing to gather the facts beforehand. And the quickest judgments tend to be disapproving, creating a miasma of righteous indignation that swirls around us before dissipating into the ether.


If only we could harness this massive, infinitely renewable energy source! Well, here at RIPPA (Righteous Indignation Power Plants of Australia) we believe we can.


The principle of a RIPP is quite simple. Place a Topic (anything from “What’s wrong with the world” to “Pink ball Test matches”, depending on power requirements) in the centre. Then, in a circle around it, arrange opposing Interest Groups (parents/children, old/young, Collingwood/Carlton) so that they can only see each other and the Topic, and start a conversation. They will soon generate the Mutual Righteous Indignation (MRI) effect that drives the RIPP.


Before long the hot air generated will be sufficient to turn a turbine mounted at the base of the tall chimney above the Topic. The resultant firestorm effect, as the hot air rises and draws more in, will spin the turbine ever faster. Based on early prototypes fuelled by low-grade Topics such as “Doing one’s fair share of the chores”, we believe that ultimately entire cities could be powered in this fashion.


RIPPs have other benefits, including social. After a sustained RANT (Righteous Affront at Nominated Topic), depleted Interest Groups are returned to the community, calmer, quieter and more sociable than before, until daily life restores their indignatory powers. On a larger scale, we hope to collaborate with Elon Musk on an Infinity Machine created by lowering a giant (soundproof) RIPP over Canberra, using an endless source of HATE (Hot Air Thermal Energy) for the good of the nation – a landmark achievement.


[Insync Technology does not espouse the opinions or endorse the content of this article. We do, however, foster new ideas, thought-through and supported by facts, with sustainable benefits to our clients. Contact us anytime about that. The Old Guy Who Breaks Things will be back online in the New Year. Enjoy your break, and may your SOG (Season Of Goodwill) be peaceful, harmonious and free of indignation, righteous or otherwise.]