| 2018/01/23 at 11:00am

The importance of cloud computing in schools

Cloud computing can deliver crucial benefits to the entire school community – including students and teachers, business managers and IT managers. Here’s how:

Students and teachers

Both students and teachers benefit from far richer and more engaging learning resources which help them expand their knowledge and skills. 

With systems in place for back-up and recovery, there’s no more losing work just before an assignment is due. If something happens, their files can be easily restored. They also no longer need to remember passwords for 50 different programs and tools and can login to everything using a single-sign on.

Both students and teachers also have the peace of mind of knowing that their data is secure and protected, 24/7, and they can also get better and more reliable access to the school’s technology, wherever they happen to be.

Business Managers

Floods, fires, break-ins and power-outages can be common events in schools. With cloud-based back-up and disaster recovery in place, your school remains archived and programmatically backed-up in the event of a disaster. For business managers, this delivers ultimate peace of mind.

Security is also a major consideration. With a Microsoft Azure cloud solution, business managers can leverage Microsoft’s vast security investment and commitment to data protection without huge financial outlay.

Or, by opting to outsource management of their infrastructure via IaaS, business managers can also reduce their infrastructure spend while improving reliability and performance; reassigning budget to education outcome projects.

They can also get a single identity for all their school and corporate applications, and via business intelligence tools, can now easily get the information they need to make faster, smarter decisions that will benefit the school as a whole.

IT Managers

IT Managers can also augment the school’s existing investments in back-up and disaster recovery rather than investing in new, campus-specific solutions. They can confidently protect the school’s assets and data, and with Microsoft’s threat analytics, can stop security threats in their tracks.

Plus, managing access via individual users is no longer the burden it once was, and they can move from worrying about keeping the lights on, to implementing new technology for student outcomes.


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