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Technology for Small Meeting Rooms

As modern workplaces become more and more familiar with advantages in meetings technology, we’re seeing less of an emphasis in large boardroom meetings and more focus on small meeting rooms – or huddle rooms.

James Ware of Polycom says “There is no longer a standard meeting room. It’s all about open plan and opening the office up to collaboration – we’re seeing a real focus on the huddle room.”

Most organisations around Australia will assign office space to the huddle room, where the aim is to have a small place in which to do business – but are they taking full advantage of the real estate being assigned?

Traditionally, collaboration technology has been limited to larger, integrated, and expensive meeting rooms. This has generally limited the technology employed in huddle rooms to mobile phones and laptops.

Today, next generation workers, and the need for companies to compete on a global level, have driven demand for convenient, easy to use, collaboration solutions for all meeting rooms – large or small.

There is no doubt that across Australia and New Zealand, there is a large increase in the use of global teams and in tasks that require cross organisational collaboration. This is where regular video conference calls become crucial. However, while traditional phone calls and conference systems do a great job of transmitting the audio you want to be picked up, they also do a great job of picking up unintentional noise.

“Think about the guy in the back noisily eating the packet of chips, the people working from home with enthusiastic children and barking dogs or even just the general day-to-day noise of an office,” Ware says. “It can put a strain on any meeting – and even bring them to a halt.”

It’s clear that modern organisations need to find a way of making the dramas of distance disappear – fortunately, Polycom has the answer with their latest line of products.

“Our NoiseBlock technology automatically blocks background noise from any meeting, meaning the guy in the background can continue happily eating his chips – no one else in the meeting will hear a thing,” Ware says. “Furthermore, we also offer the ability to utilise an ‘Acoustic Fence’, whereby you can hold the meeting from noisy locations such as your car, a coffee shop or on the train and all noise around you within the fence will be blocked.”

“What we want to do is unleash the power of collaboration for organisations, and it’s all centred around three key features – workspace, experience and workflow,” says Ware. “We want to enable people to create their own workspaces via secure connections from anywhere, on any device.”

According to a survey from Polycom, more than 48% of ANZ employees would use video conferencing more frequently if it was as simple as using a personal device – and that is what Polycom has achieved, with a simple user interface that links seamlessly with various platforms and where you literally have to just click to join.

Download this study by Wainhouse Research to get insights into the value and importance of these misunderstood, mismanaged and often under-appreciated meeting spaces.

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