microsoft teams , skype for business , | 2018/04/26 at 1:28pm

Talking Teams is here!!!

It’s the age old conundrum…


Things in everyday life can carry a hint of ambiguity and uncertainty – is it “toe-may-toe” or “tom-ahh-toe”? Was it the chicken or the egg? Is the Trump presidency just one massive SNL skit gone wrong?



Probably at the top of this list of first world dilemmas however is this particularly vexing query: What on God’s green earth is Microsoft Teams? Is it Skype for Business 2.0? Is it Microsoft’s answer to Slack and Facebook Workplace? How do I use it? What happens to email? What type of coffee should I drink now?






Well, have no fear ye frightened and lost citizens: Talking Teams has arrived.



Fresh from the success of their own separate roles working for Microsoft partners, Loryan Strant and Damien Margaritis have joined forces (and hands) to walk unsuspecting neophytes through the intricacies (and basic functionality) of the new platform as well as where it fits in this crazy world we call Microsoft.



microsoft confusion


You’ll learn, you’ll laugh, you’ll most certainly cry, and you’ll most likely be better off from the experience*.



So what are you waiting for? Head on over to TalkingTeams.TV and start your journey today!





*NB – no guarantees can be given as to anyone actually being better off for watching any content associated with talking teams. In fact, if you start experiencing odd symptoms, please consult your healthcare practitioner ASAP.