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Staying safe from cybercrime – what’s the best AV solution for your business?


Earlier this year, a group of sophisticated Russian hackers announced that they’d successfully infiltrated three US anti-virus (AV) vendors’ networks, and taken the source code for the software.

The Russian group are renowned for targeting governments and corporations with sensitive information, but still, the fact that AV vendors are vulnerable to hacking unnerved many.

The question on everyone’s mind was – If AV vendors can’t protect their own networks, how can they protect ours?

Australia is certainly no stranger to serious data breaches. In fact, the number of attacks against Australian companies has already increased by 700% since February last year. And we know that hackers don’t discriminate – government, enterprise, education, small businesses – we’ve seen it all.

In our experience, even if your business utilises a world-renowned anti-virus, it’s still hard to keep ahead of cybercriminals. Tech moves fast, with new products, apps and features coming on the market all the time. Unfortunately, new ‘best practice’ AV solutions are often out of date as soon as they’re launched, meaning it’s sometimes not a case of ‘if’ but ‘when’ there’s a data breach for organisations who’ve invested in them.

Yet, despite all this, the global AV market is believed to be worth US$3.7 billion. That’s a lot of money being spent on commercial AV products when the cyber criminals always seem to be one step ahead.

So what’s the best solution for organisations concerned about cybersecurity?


The best defence against the hackers comes for free

The good news is that one of the best AV solutions is available for free, as part of Windows 10 – Microsoft Defender. When talking to our customers, not many people know this – hence why we’re trying to spread the word!

And – reassuringly – according to cybersecurity entrepreneur Carlo Minassian, Microsoft ranked third in fending off validated cyberattacks in a sample testing against 15 other AV vendors. He believes that Microsoft’s investment in AV is beginning to pay dividends and expects its in-built AV to continue to improve.

With Microsoft Defender now available for Mac, it makes sense for organisations to use the free Microsoft solution rather than fork out big bucks for commercial solutions, most of which performed much worse than Microsoft in Minassian’s sample testing.


Why is this important to Insync?

At Insync we work with clients across industries, more recently focusing on the government, education and financial services sectors. Security is clearly a big concern for these folks. As part of our modern workplace transformation projects, we utilise the full Microsoft stack including Microsoft Defender to create a modern workplace that’s as protected as it can be.

Read more about how we have assisted in modern workplace transformation for multiple organisations including Department of State Growth Tasmania, St Stephen’s College and Central Highlands Regional Council.