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Staying Connected, Trivia and Company Culture

With offices located around Australia, staying connected and communicating effectively as a team is a central component to the success of the Insync workplaceFrom day one we have focused on implementing several mechanisms to embrace the modern workplace and to ensure employees feel connected 

As part of the establishment of Insync – founders Nathan Belling, Stuart Moore, and Damien Margaritis considered company culture as a strategic business pillar, and at its core – the company values.  


In an office environment, you might have a break room, communal dining area where people can mingle and destress – adding that social aspect to the work environment. As a hybrid workplace, we face the challenge that day-to-day social interactions may be lost. One way we try to combat this is to hold a team social event – usually something fun and with a bit of friendly competition.  

We’ve tried a few different things this year – including Funlympics event, Jackbox games, virtual beer, and pizza get-togethers – somewhere our employees across Australia can join their peers and colleagues in a relaxed atmosphere. This time it was to compete for trivia supremacy and bragging rights.   

Team bonding is an essential ingredient for any high performing team and trivia is a great way to have a good time and bond as a team. Most people enjoy this activity as there tends to be a variety of questions that cover a range of topics. 

One of our team volunteered their experience in running trivia and was given the responsibility of host and trivia master. They’d written five rounds of questions including general knowledge, movie quotes, current affairs, geography, and video games (as a tech company, a sports round would have been lost on many of us!) 

Our employees were divided into five teams of four chosen at random by our Chief Happiness Coordinator, Emma Schellhorn. Each team had a separate chat set up a few days prior so they could easily communicate with their team members – some even had customised backgrounds for their team! 

The first task was to decide on a team name and the scribe. We had some inventive names – The Quillers, The Underwood Appreciation Society, Jars Jars Binks, Kickass, Team Four Seasons Landscaping Supplies, and Eeee – we have no idea! 

As a Microsoft Partner, we opted to use Microsoft Teams to host the virtual event. Designed for businesses, Microsoft Teams can manage large volumes of attendees and has advanced functionality to manage audiences and to mute others! Microsoft Teams has recently added the functionality to spin up break-out rooms, however, we choose to use Teams chat to discuss answers between team members.  

Team Four Seasons Landscape Supplies won by a mile with 36 points, congratulations Stuart Moore, Benjamin WirihanaJenna Blake, and Philip Smith you are the Insync Trivia Champions! 

The key to staying connected while working remotely is to spend time with other employees within the company – even if this is virtual! Holding regular events including monthly company-wide updates and events can all contribute to a sense of community and connectively – and ultimately support a positive work culture 

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