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Modern workplace solutions offer new, improved and embedded security measures. At Insync Technology we understand the need to protect your business and staff identities. We focus on securing your identity and infrastructure to keep your business productive and safe. 


As part of our security offerings, we partner with customers to ensure the right compliance, governance, processes and policies are in place. To create a seamless and secure experience, we ensure every aspect of the user lifecycle is considered.  From onboarding new staff and granting permissions, to removing access when staff depart, through to holistic management of cloud applications – our team of security experts helps customers create a security best practice designed for their business.


The result of this expertise and customisation is a seamless experience centred on identity driven security.   
Improved record management
A tailored governance framework
Identity driven security
A focus on securing user infrastructure
Ensuring your Microsoft experience is secure

Five companies, three key functions, one solution

As a parent company with four subsidiaries (made up of Griffith Hack, Shelston IP, Watermark and Glasshouse Advisory), Intellectual Property (IP) services provider Xenith IP Group Ltd faced a very unique technology problem. They were keen to create efficiencies across key business functions – HR, IT, executive and finance – that all five companies shared, however the challenge was ensuring that the while the data and clients for each company remained separate and without compromising security. 

“Insync spent time with our team running through all the possibilities. Across the way, different levels of my team – from helpdesk to systems engineers – got to understand different components of the project. This is really important because you don’t want to alienate your team – you want them to be part of this process and contributing to the success of it.”  

Kris Mason, Xenith IP
IT Manager

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