Our Process

Our process will align with your unique needs. We combine awesome tech with even more awesome people, to help our clients translate complex challenges into simple and elegant Microsoft solutions

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It’s important for us to fully understand your organisation’s unique needs, as well as gain a proper understanding of your IT history and your users’ interaction with the tech. That’s why we always start with an in depth consulting session.


Road Mapping

Once we’re comfortable that we fully understand your needs, we can proceed to creating a tailor made solution that will work with your organisation’s needs, budget and users.

We map out the solutions and the steps that will be taken during the deployment phase, as well as any post-deployment action that needs to be taken. This ensures not only transparency, but also accountability.



Following an approved road map, our techsperts will deploy the solutions for your organisation. We focus on quality service, and won’t rush through the deployment just to get it over and done with. Rather, we will take our time to ensure that your solutions are properly set up and most importantly, work the way they are supposed to, with minimal interuption.



We want you to be able to understand your tech – not just use it. When you properly understand the technology you have, you are more likely to realise the full benefits it can deliver to your organisation.

That is why we’re passionate about educating our clients. We work with Adopt and Embrace to help you.. well.. adopt and embrace your shiny new tech and use it to it’s fullest.

Happy clients are the best marketers!

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