surface hub , Video Conferencing , | 2018/03/02 at 9:49am

Optimise your digital spend – be productive with Surface Hub

In a recent blog, our resident “Old Guy Who Breaks Things” highlighted the pitfalls of technology and its adoption by organisations.

Money can be spent faster than it’s accumulated, and now more than ever CFOs and Financial Controllers are looking for substantial returns on any technology investments they approve.



As digital transformation has become more commonplace, employees are asking for more digital empowerment and the ability to use digital tools for faster, more impactful outcomes. Video conferencing is no exception to this trend, and happens to be highly visible to most C-level execs, therefore putting it under greater scrutiny than other investments. 


When Microsoft released the surface hubthe concept of video conferencing was flipped on its head.

No longer does it need to be hard to join a meeting, and long setup and meeting join times were made a thing of the past.











The only problem was that most organisations did not implement the surface hub properly in the first place and subsequently saw bad adoption rates and low utilisation of these amazing devices.


Microsoft has realised that deployment, together with proper adoption and training is the key to success with getting the most from your investment. That’s why they’re offering to subsidise the cost of implementation with specific partners (of which we are one) for each surface hub you deploy until the end of March!