Toolkits , | 2016/11/11 at 10:40am

Office Install Toolkit

The Office Install Toolkit is the hidden gem for Office 365 Pro Plus deployment and configuration. No more writing custom XML templates with the Office Deployment Tool! With it you can create custom EXE and MSI installers and the ability to manage your local Pro Plus installation if you need make any changes once Office is installed. It is part of the Office Deployment Scripts for IT Pro’s on GitHub which houses many tutorials and scripts to help with the deployment of Office.

Below we will run through a simple custom build of an Office 365 ProPlus installer.


You can download and install the Toolkit from the Office Deployment Tool XML Editor HERE under Tools.



On the start screen select the option to “Create new Office 365 ProPlus installer”

Note: You can import a previous build to reconfigure or manage the local Office installation as well



On the product page is where you can start to customise your build. For this tutorial we are going to install Office 365 Pro Plus 64-Bit Current Channel with Skype for Business. Once your products are selected click through the next two screens until you get to the Optional panel.


On the Optional panel we can choose a specific build version to install if required. If you need to set custom locations for installation logging and installation files, you can do this here. We are going to leave this at default for this installation. Click “Next”.


Here we can exclude certain applications from the installer if we do not require them for deployment. Deselect the application you do not require and click “Next”.



As we are going to install the latest version of Office 365 Pro Plus Current Channel, we will leave this blank so the installer will pull in the latest version from the CDN on install. If you require the installation source files for a specific version, this is where you can download them. Click “Next”



Here we leave updates enabled and the Current channel selected. Depending in requirements you can change the update channel, update path and target versions. Click “Next”



Here we select the installer options for when it is run. I’ve set this installer to show the progress UI, automatically accept the EULA (who reads it anyway!) and to pin my new applications to the task bar. You can also set “Shared Computer Licensing” if you are installing Office onto an RDS server or “Enable Configuration Manager Support” if you are going to be managing your Office installations with Config Manager. Click “Next”.



This is where we generate our MSI file to deploy our custom installation. I’ve selected MSI as the install type, generated a certificate to sign the installer, set a version number and set Silent Install to No. If you want to embed the Office files you select the checkbox and navigate to the folder you have downloaded them to. Now all that’s left for us is to hit “Generate” and wait a few minutes.


Now we have our MSI file for installation. We can deploy this small installer and our users can install the latest version of Office 365 Pro Plus installed in exactly the configuration they require every time.


As always, your mileage may vary. But this is definitely a tool to have in your back pocket for easy Office deployments.