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Office 365 Australian Datacentre Move

Just days remain for customers to opt-in for Office 365 Australian Datacentre move

We are all rapidly approaching the 31 October deadline for Office 365 customers to request to move their data to the Australian datacentres.

Lots of customers when initially configuring Office 365 would have been provisioned in the Singapore and Hong Kong based datacentres. Now, with the Australian based datacentres, users may want to move data back to Australian based datacentres for data residency reasons.

The data residency option provides eligible customers with data residency requirements an option to move their customer data into the new datacenter region.

You are eligible for this option if you:

  • provisioned your Office 365 tenant prior to the availability of the new datacenter region.
  • have setup your Office 365 tenant with a country covered by the new datacenter region.
  • have not yet had your customer data moved as a result of a prior move.

If you provisioned your Office 365 tenant after the availability of the new datacenter region, your customer data will already be stored at rest in this region. Microsoft define Core Customer Data as:

  • Exchange Online mailbox content (e-mail body, calendar entries, and the content of e-mail attachments) and
  • SharePoint Online site content and the files stored within that site

Since the Australian datacentres were established after the Singapore and Hong Kong based datacentres, Australian customers fall into this category. Should you wish to move your Office 365 tenant due to data residency reasons, the closing date for opting into this service is the 31st of October 2016.

Should I move my data in order to get better networking performance?

Being close to an Office 365 datacenter is not a guarantee for a better networking performance. There are many factors and components that impact the network performance between the end user and the Office 365 service. It is reasonable to expect good performance even when your users are very distant from Microsoft servers thanks to the resilient application layer protocols that Office 365 uses and the high capacity of the global Microsoft Cloud network.

How do you make sure my customer data is safe during the move and that I won’t experience downtime?

Data moves are a back-end operation with minimal impact to end-users. Features that can be impacted are listed on the move site at  There is nothing that you need to prepare for or to monitor during the move.

What should I do? Where can I learn more?

Microsoft recommends that you take no action, unless your organization needs core customer data to be stored at rest in the new datacenter region. Office 365 has been designed to provide all users a singular consistent experience independent of their location of core customer data at rest. If you need clarity on what this means and our recommendations with your specific circumstances.

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