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Moving Insync to Melbourne!

Just kidding! It’s not as drastic as it sounds. We had our company Christmas Party over the weekend. Normally this involves flying our other branch (Melbourne) into Brisbane. This is pretty par for the course with most companies – fly the smaller branches into Head Office as it’s the most cost-effective way to get everyone together.

We’d done this for a few years, and our Melbourne team expected the same this year. As with everything we do at Insync, we pride ourselves on thinking differently, creating an amazing culture and always asking “Why?” – so decided we would shake up the status quo!

This year, we decided to do something different – we would fly all our staff and partners to Melbourne, work from our Melbourne office for the day on the Friday and then commence Christmas party festivities on the Saturday. Everyone was to bring their laptop or tablet, appropriate headset and associated tech and work as normal.

We had all the ingredients to make sure this was achievable – as a modern business we had access to:

  • Mobility and Telephony thanks to Skype for Business – customers could still contact us on the same methods regardless of whether we were in the office or elsewhere;
  • Collaboration using Office 365 and SharePoint Online – ensuring our staff could still work on customer documents and deliverables without having to physically be where they usually are;
  • Customer Relationship Management and Ticketing – our CRM and ticketing platform is cloud based, so we could access this from anywhere! No tickets or incidents were lost and service maintained throughout; staff simply continued to work as they normally did.
  • Connectivity – if our staff have access to the Internet in some way shape or form, they can utilise all services and is encrypted using certificates. We don’t use Virtual Private Networks here – there’s no point – we don’t operate a datacentre infrastructure to VPN into!
  • Coffee – essential fuel for most of our staff. I think we’re all happy to agree that the coffee was better in Melbourne!


After a fantastic weekend in Melbourne which involved winery and brewery tours around the Yarra Valley followed up dinner and drinks in one of Melbourne’s cool underground bars. It may be the tech geeks in us, but the fact that we have access to technology today, that allowed us to pick up almost the entire team and fly them to Melbourne with zero down time or negative effect to our customers and business operations, is the coolest thing since sliced bread!

Happy Holidays!

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