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Modern Workplace telephony is easy to use and massively advantageous, which is why we have created VoiceX

If you are working happily and productively in your Modern Workplace and are now wondering what else is possible? It’s time to talk about phones. Physical, old-fashioned, office-bound phones.  

As you read this, there are hundreds of thousands of Australians working remotely whilst their phone handsets sit redundant and unloved on desks in empty offices. Perhaps you have managed to divert calls to mobiles, but it’s a less than ideal solution.   

If Cloud has been successful for your IT, it is more than likely it can offer improvements for your telephony. In response to the increased desire for businesses to move to cloud telephony, Insync Technology is eXcited to announce the launch of our new service, VoiceX, a managed Teams Calling service that integrates into your existing Microsoft 365 environment, quickly and simply.  

What are the benefits of VoiceX? 

Integrating your telephony with your existing Microsoft 365 environment will deliver several improvements for your business and employees. Most notably, staff can make calls from anywhere with an internet connection, via a phone, tablet or laptop.  

Unlike other Cloud telephony solutions, VoiceX has been designed to give freedom and flexibility to customers.  So, what makes it different and why do you need it? 

  1. The VoiceX fee structure is based on the number of concurrent calls at any one time, not the number of total users using the service 
  2. You might be mid-way through a telephony contract, or have a great relationship with your telco, so VoiceX’s BYO carrier option allows you to migrate to VoiceX at any time Of course, if you are ready for a change, we will help you find the right fit as needed.  
  3. With new systems or a shift in technology, there is always a period of learning. Insync Technology has a strong focus on adoption and change management across all of our solutions. Our experts will equip you and your staff with the knowledge to ensure your change in telephony is a seamless transition.  
  4. But what about issues beyond training? Fear not, VoiceX includes a complete support and management solution for your entire Microsoft 365 environment, telephony included.  

As VoiceX will enable staff to answer calls via their desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile, your traditional handsets will become obsolete as staff receive and make calls from any device with an internet connection. Cloud telephony enables you to retire your phone hardware and save considerable costs in future hardware upgrades and annual maintenance agreements 

Unlike diverting phone lines or dishing out staff personal numbers, the VoiceX solution provides total control to staff to set contact times and use standard office numbers that have been ported into Teams Calling.  

Flexibility and support at the heart of VoiceX 

Other cloud telephony providers charge based on the number of users registered to the system. For example, if you have 350 employees, you need to pay for 350 users regardless as to whether the staff member works full time, part time, or uses the phone once in a blue moon. With VoiceX, our simple and cost-effective pricing plans mean you only pay for the number of concurrent calls that you want to support.  

So, in our example of 350 employees, if you only want to support a maximum of 50 calls taking place at the same time, you will only pay for 50.  

Insync provides a complete support and management service for your Teams Calling telephony, along with your existing Microsoft 365 environment. For you, this minimises the costs and time associated with managing different providers and assures your infrastructure will work together seamlessly.  

Because VoiceX is not tied to a telco carrier, you can get started with VoiceX now. It doesn’t matter who provides your existing telephony and how far through your contract you are – just BYO your existing carrier.  

So, is VoiceX right for you? 

If you are familiar with your Microsoft 365 environment, using Teamssaving files in SharePoint and you understand the benefits of a cloud-based infrastructure then the answer is probably yes.  

Rather than working with separate partners for your Microsoft 365 and telco needs, you can now integrate cloud telephony via Teams Calling with the rest of your Modern Workplace environment – all set up, managed, and supported by Insync Technology 

Take the next step on your Modern Workplace journey with VoiceX and enjoy the benefits of increased efficiency and improved productivity. To learn more about VoiceX, or to book a consultation. Click here