Insync Tech Talk , microsoft teams , | 2021/02/11 at 11:56am

Microsoft Teams New Meeting Experience

by Sandy Catalucci

Microsoft Teams is not just a video meeting for face to face discussions and sharing our screens. It provides an inclusive, interactive and intelligent workspace that enables us to work smarter, be more focused and achieve desired outcomes. In 2020 and continuing in 2021, we’ve been receiving a constant stream of updates to continuously improve Microsoft Teams and we are getting excited again for the next major change. The new Microsoft Teams meeting experience has started to roll out and will change the way you think about meetings and their purpose.  

Remember back in the day when we would schedule a meeting in Outlook, often the host would add attachments as pre reading content. If they were organised, there would be a dot point agenda. 

Today when we’re working on a project or initiative, the collaborations and discussion start before the meeting and we may already be chatting and discussing in Channels or on specific files. With Microsoft Teams you can communicate with the invitees, who may very well be all the members of a channel. We can do this using chat that is available within the meeting invite. 

With the new meeting experience, there will be a variety of apps we can add to the meeting itself to help participants be engaged, keep the meeting on track and be as productive as possible. Additionally, any chats, files, notes, meeting polls or whiteboards that were created from the meeting, will stay in the context of the meeting. There are loads more updates that all relate to an improved meeting experience. Here are some of our favourites: 

Visible Sentiment: Building off the raised hand feature, we will be able to see thumbs up, hearts etc that pops up on your attendees video. This feedback provides the host with engagement queues and allows for a smother flow of delivery. 

Source: Microsoft

Whiteboard in the meeting: New templates for brainstorming, Kanban, retrospectives, SWOT, project planning, project milestones, and many more! You can also ideate while on the go with your mobile device and annotate on the whiteboard easily. The best part is that it’s all kept together and in association with the meeting afterward. 

A brainstorm for a shoe outlined in Microsoft Whiteboard with multi-colored notes, a pie chart and a cloud diagram.

Source: Microsoft

Easy to use Polling within the meeting: Prepare the polls you want to use during the meeting and display them throughout the session. Participants can vote live and you can access rich reporting capabilities to analyse the results after the meeting. 

Noise Reduction: Microsoft has developed algorithms to assist with low bandwidth situations and background noise. Using machine learning, Microsoft Teams can detect abnormal and unnecessary sounds in the background to ensure a clear and understood voice. 

Live Captions and Transcripts: Live captions allow you to see who is speaking and what is being said. Transcripts provide us with the ability to scroll back and see what was said before you join the meeting to ensure you don’t miss anything if you join late as well as being able to access the full script after the meeting is recorded. 

Presenter View: Microsoft has brought the PowerPoint presenter view into Microsoft Teams Meetings. HallelujahThe presenter will be able to see their presented slide, the slide notes, and slide thumbnails while the attendees will only see the presented slide. You can also choose to see the meeting chat on the side all on a single screen. 

Source: Microsoft

All of these exciting features bring change to the user experience. At Insync Technology, we help our customers to understand the knowledge gaps and impacts on people within the organisation. Reach out to us for advice on how to ensure your people are ready for the new meeting experience.