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Microsoft Intune offers solution to protect organisational data on employee devices

As we all know, increased access to files and the ability to work anywhere is a significant benefit for employees and many organisations are adopting this approach. However, an increase in access can present an increased risk for organisations. With take-home devices and files accessed on phones, protecting your data and avoiding a data breach or hack is paramount. 

Microsoft’s device management solution is Microsoft Intune, a cloud-based management solution that enables employees to work remotely while at the same time protecting the organisation’s data.

Intune Customer Adoption Pack is now available                                                                                                                

In case you missed it, earlier this year Microsoft announced that its updated Intune Customer Adoption Pack is now available in Australia and we’re already seeing a good uptake amongst our customers. The Adoption Pack contains onboarding templates, posters and videos that can be customised or used ‘as is’ for all stages of rollout, including:

  • Email templates – these explain the benefits of Microsoft Intune, the reasons why the organisation is transitioning to it, and what the rollout schedule will be. Administrators can also include:
  1. information regarding other services that will now be accessed on devices managed by Intune.
  2. announcements regarding when services are ready for access, and when users need to enrol.

After a specified period, organisations can start to enforce compliance via conditional access policies.

  • Enrolment guide – Microsoft offers a user friendly PDF that can be given directly to employees, or as a Word document that can be customised by employers.
  • Videos – these include step-by-step instructions to help employees enrol their devices, including Android, iOS, macOS and Windows 10 devices.

Communicate with employees as to why you’re using Microsoft Intune

If your organisation is embarking on its “work anywhere” journey and the concept that employees have to enrol their devices is new, it’s vital that managers ensure all staff understand the importance of mobile security and device management. All employees need to understand that Microsoft Intune protects both their own privacy and organisational data.

Similarly, if employees previously enrolled devices in a different management solution, it’s important to explain why your organisation is moving to Microsoft Intune. Microsoft have many resources and support tools available to help organisations transition to Microsoft Intune. By downloading the Intune Customer Adoption Pack, you will be joining more than 100 million customers worldwide who rely on Microsoft 365 for secure data and to be connected and get work done on the go.

We’ve successfully used these resources on many deployments, and it helps provide a level of context behind the “why” an organisation is investing and deploying a device management platform to assist with the overall security posture (and risk!) of their organisation.

Contact Insync if you’d like to talk about how Intune fits with your wider security strategy.