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Insync Technology kicks off 2020 with new Microsoft 365 Bootcamp

Need to tone up your Microsoft Teams skills? Has Planner got you breaking a sweat? Maybe you need to strengthen your core applications? To help Microsoft 365 (M365) users improve their understanding and embrace the full capability of Microsoft 365, Insync Technology have created a comprehensive coaching program – the Microsoft 365 Bootcamp.

In 2019, Insync Technology provided training to more than 34 clients as part of technology projects to ensure staff embraced the full potential of their modern workplace technology. Whilst businesses face different challenges and obstacles, when it comes to using Microsoft 365 there is one constant – the need for context aware guidance and coaching.

“The feedback we have been receiving has been pretty definitive, if staff do not have adequate support, communication and a sense of context, the adoption of Microsoft 365 is significantly impacted. As one of our clients said recently – you can provide people with the tools but without understanding their many uses, they are dead in the water. We want to raise the proficiency level of the customers we work with so they can go off and impact their own organisations.” says Stuart Moore, Director of Sales & Marketing at Insync Technology.

The Microsoft 365 Bootcamp is an eight-week program that aims to increase knowledge and familiarity across core applications and features along with expanding modern ways of working. The Bootcamp moves beyond basic training to help solve business specific problems and identifies the best way of working with your team.


About the Microsoft 365 Bootcamp

Each Bootcamp is run on a particular schedule, designed around levelling up core skills in Microsoft 365. There is some content that is fixed – the must knows – but it is designed to be flexible and encourages collaboration between attendees. Bring your business scenarios and use cases!

The informative Bootcamp has been created to cater to anyone who uses Microsoft 365 that is not an IT expert.  Each Bootcamp will provide:

  • A schedule of all sessions designed to meet the brief provided
  • Regular virtual sessions in a drop-in manner – if the topic interests you, opt in
  • Guidance and encouragement to empower employees to level up and embed their Microsoft 365 skills
  • A community space to share stories, ask questions and see insights from other participants
  • Access to a range of learning guides, videos and practical tips
  • Graduate from the bootcamp with a proficiency level suited to modern work based on industry bench

Sessions will be led by a Change Manager and Microsoft 365 Trainer with additional IT expert involvement as required for targeted sessions. Bootcamp leaders will also be available to answer questions and provide tips in the online community.

Bootcamp sessions will be delivered via weekly check-ins, modern workplace webinars and product-specific workshops focussed on moving beyond generic training and providing the right context and coaching to drive new behaviours.


The importance of training for a modern workplace

According to research, ineffective training can cost businesses up to $13.5 million, per 1000 employees per year.  Insync Technology created the Microsoft 365 Bootcamp following continued feedback on how valuable their training support has been to clients. Food Agility, a Cooperative Research Centre, recently enlisted Insync to help them migrate from frustrating and clunky office systems into a modern workplace with a focus on collaboration.

The transformation had an almost immediate effect with email traffic reducing by more than 30% with the introduction of Microsoft Teams.  The team stopped sending documents by email and instead sent SharePoint links via Teams – which revolutionised their file access and sharing process.

According to the client, the adoption and impact of Microsoft 365 was significantly improved by the quality and style of the training provided by Insync.


There’s no such word as can’t at camp!

If you have invested in Microsoft 365 for your business, you need to also invest in your staff. Providing the tools is only half of the equation. A true modern workplace empowers staff to work collaboratively and efficiently resulting in a positive impact on business productivity.

If you feel that your staff are saying ‘I don’t know how’ or ‘I can’t do this’, it may just be that they have not been provided the information they need and they would benefit from a New Year Bootcamp. Find out more and register your interest now.