inside insync , | 2021/03/12 at 11:50am

Inside Insync – Youssef Qasem

Today we meet: 

Youssef Qasem


Time with Insync: March 2020

Previous notable time in IT industry/customer/vendor: I’ve worked in the IT industry for the past 11 years. I began as a Service Desk Analyst in 2010 at ING, from there I worked as a Desktop Support Officer at ANZ Bank, then a Senior Support Engineer from 2012-2015 at Applaud IT. After Applaud I started at Big Air where I worked as a Systems Administrator for a year, before starting at Agilyx as a Cloud Engineer then Channel 7 as a Project Delivery Engineer before Insync Technology. 

What are your best skills for your role?

I have a Microsoft and Project Management background. Project Management was where I developed skills such as problem-solving, process improvement, and analytical skills which I have been able to apply to my current role at Insync. 

What do you like about your role? 

  • The variety of projects and customers
  • Learning about new Microsoft technologies, mostly cloud-based
  • Opportunity to improve my skills and room to study and complete Microsoft certificates

What trends are you seeing with customers? 

I think COVID changed a lot of our customer’s ways of working with more shifting to remote work. We are seeing a lot of core revival (cloud migration) and a strong desire to simplify processes through automation with more of our customers using out-of-the-box solutions rather than heavy customisation. A focus on security is another massive trend with more people working from home.

Where have you used Insync core values in Insync everyday work life: 

Make a call – I work on lots of different projects in which there can be changes to project scopes and timelines. I’ll often have to make a decision on what action is the most suitable.

Considering we are delivering new technologies, sometimes questions come from the customer that I don’t have the answer to yet, whether I as an individual or Insync in general, I’m always transparent with the customer and tell them I will get back to them.

I always help customers beyond the project scope if it’s something that would make us exceed the customer’s expectation, being a simple and not time-consuming task, that would reflect on the project progress and closure.


What do you like to do in your downtime?

Gym, Soccer, Beach, Travelling, Video Games.