inside insync , | 2020/04/27 at 10:46am

Inside Insync – Tim Presland

Today we meet:

Tim Presland: Technical Solutions Professional

Time with Insync: 9 months – August 2019

Previous notable time: 30 years in EUC / Cloud working in Australia and internationally on both sides of the fence as the customer or partner/integrator in a broad spectrum of diverse industries and environments such as Banking, Telecommunications, Finance, Government, Insurance, Utilities, Healthcare, Education, Solution Providers, Partners and Retail.


What are your best skills for your role?

Breaking down technology terms, principles or concepts that assist organisations with their Modern Workplace journey transition or improving on their existing implementation. 

My core passion is all about helping the ‘End User’, to which I’ve gained peer and industry respect through decades of simple to complex system and infrastructure migrations, decommissions or upgrades.  

The journey is not just technical. It’s about People and Technology that is strongly under pinned by security, and I love the fact I can help organisations understand a vast number of touchpoints that are translatable to their industry or working environment.


What do you like about your role?

I love my job! I get to engage with people no matter their title, from any organisation or industry, from any culture or generation and whatever skill-sets they currently have.  My role is to help them in their secure Modern Workplace journey in Microsoft Teams.

I am extremely fortunate to work for a company that holds the same values as I do and are a leading partner in Microsoft Cloud and Adoption Change Management services. I admire my colleagues for their global setting standards, professional care, empathy and the daily lessons I learn to help our clients.  

I feel valued that I can bring my experience (not just in the workplace) in a safe and respectful work environment to express my personality and community values.


What trends are you seeing with customers?

In the current climate of COVID-19 it’s most definitely Tactical vs Strategic roadmaps. I’m fortunate that Insync Technology was born in the cloud so the option of working from home was always in place. For organisations that have sent their entire staff of 40,000 people to work from home for example, and still rely on-premise servers and infrastructure, it’s more than just opening a technical pandora’s box – there are considerations on human and security levels that are paramount.  

But that’s where we can help.  We can help map out and plan for the Tactical on what organisations need now to get the best out of Teams securely without overwhelming, and yet be mindful that when people return back to their offices we can learn from what has happened and begin planning and implementing the strategic roadmap.


What do you think about the opportunity for Teams for customers?

Teams is an amazing tool to get the best out of Office 365 but it’s also shaping its own character and nuances. A consistent workflow and all the tool-sets you need are right there all in a secure and compliant ecosystem.

But to be fair, Teams is only 3 years old, so I often say “Teams is rich in features but some of those features need time to mature”. The beauty is, Microsoft will continue to invest and improve Teams so those features that need a little more development will be addressed in a short amount of time.  Some of the biggest and exciting capabilities are related to artificial intelligence, where for example live language caption translation will take place in your Teams Meetings. This one feature (of dozens) moves Teams into something special and we’re just at the tip of the iceberg.

I sometimes reflect and think where Microsoft Teams might be in its current development journey? I think it’s about as early and relatable to when Windows 95 released as an operating system! If that statement is true, then the future is certainly very, very exciting.


Where have you used the Insync Core Values in everyday work life?

Don’t BS the customer was the first thing I saw when I joined the company and I honestly laughed out loud because that’s how my working life was anyway, so I knew I was onto a good thing. I actually present Insync Values in my Business Decision Maker Workshops or Customer Immersion Experience sessions to highlight the point that we won’t BS them!

What do you like to do in your downtime?

Spending time with my wife, my young daughter, my 11 month old dog, my 92yr old Dad, my siblings, my niece and nephew and in-laws (yes I’m quite lucky, they are fantastic people). I love going to farmers markets … or really any kind of market there is, especially when travelling to new places as it tells me a lot about the area and culture. I love eating and cooking food, although shellfish are out which saddens my wife who eats just about anything that comes from the sea. My big passion though are my BBQ’s, whether it be gas or charcoal and I’ve even been a BBQ Judge too.  

Music is a big part of me and I’m quite eclectic in arrange that can be one day progressive trance, next day bluegrass acoustic and the next day retro 80’s.  I live in an area that has live music so I cannot wait till the social distancing rules are relaxed! I have dabbled in synth music from years back and pick up the ipad on regular occasions to do a small mix. I’ve moved on from playing acoustic guitars these days to playing the ukulele of all things and I now have two.  

Most of all …. I enjoy FOOTY!! (AFL)… yeah I’m a real tragic I guess. But I love it! … and yeah I barrack for Collingwood so get start making your “hey but you have teeth” jokes now. I’m quite often down at Collingwood’s old ground (Victoria Park), running around with my dog, kicking the footy. I even once started my own AFL 9’s footy team called The Mighty Mongooses … to which I even roped in a sponsor, got a designer for our jumper and custom jumpers made up for everyone, all before the 1st bounce of the ball of the season. We lost every game… but geez we looked grouse!!!