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Inside Insync: Six Surprising Things about Lee Stevenson

Inside Insync is our chance to connect with friends, followers and random strangers who might come across our site (hello random stranger!) in a slightly more idiosyncratic and personal way.

While we’re all massive tech-heads here, our actual heads come in human form, along with our hearts and bodies and experiences. Six Surprising Things is our series to discover some unknown gems about the people who make up Insync. These insights range from things they’ve learned or love about their work here with us, to personal details about what makes them tick.

Today we meet:

Lee Stevenson: Consultant

Working in the intelligent communication space.

Time with Insync: 1 year 10 months

Previous notable time: IBM Systems Engineer

Six Surprising Things with Lee Stevenson

Inside Insync: Hi Lee, thanks for agreeing to share Six Surprising Things with us today.
Lee: You’re welcome. It’s quite a lot of pressure actually.
Inside Insync: Don’t overthink it. You’ll be great.
Lee: I’ll do my best …

I work at the bleeding edge

I love this phrase instead of ‘cutting edge’. It’s where the real action is. At Insync Technology we’re always on the bleeding edge. We’re such an agile company – we’re not locked into old processes. I’m forever finding new ways to use the technology to help people, and I really love that because I’m a problem solver at heart.

I’m (happily) a bleeding heart

It was a surprise to me how important it is in my job when I make people’s lives better. My role is anything related to communication or collaboration – think Microsoft Teams, Skype, anything that helps the workforce collaborate more efficiently.

That includes software solutions and hardware solutions – meetings rooms, surface hubs, the hardware device choices for communication/collaboration – that’s where my specialty is.

I’ve found that most people in corporate organisations think meetings are where they physically go into a meeting room. They don’t think about the software solutions, the agile solutions.

When I work with them to introduce these concepts and just how much is possible and then implement change – the responses are incredible. Like: “This is awesome! We used to have to drive for hours to see each other, and now we have this awesome space online where we can connect.”

Yep. Awesome.

I like working in unknown territory

Coming to work doesn’t literally have to be dangerous … but I do like it when clients are up for experiments and stepping into the unknown.

For example, most clients we have are usually on existing technology like Skype for Business or traditional telephony. Moving them to Microsoft Teams is a slow, gradual step. Whereas this one company I’m working right now with is going straight to Teams. Greenfield. Not only that but full telephony in Teams (call centre included!) – which means all calls and all video conferencing in Teams.

This client was using separate client management software and chatbox channels like Slack. We showed them Teams as an alternative. We also suggested that if they went down the telephony path, Skype for Business would provide good potential with an outlook of moving to Teams.

This client is optimistic, so we didn’t bullshit them. We shared some of the opportunities that are coming in the future. Rather than adopt both Skype for Business and Teams they were keen to jump straight to Teams and for us to work out the solution.

It’s a first for our company and maybe even a first in this country. It’s very experimental. It’s a ground breaking adventure and I love that!

So we are ahead of the game, and I’m so grateful to this client for taking the plunge with us and letting us guide them into safe waters (enough water metaphors now? Okay).

My two favourite words are: Question (and) It

I’m a big fan of Question It. It’s one of our values here at Insync Technology.

Just because something is done one way forever doesn’t mean it has to stay that way.

I like to push forward, especially with new technology. This definitely matches our Insync values, e.g. Don’t bullshit the customer.

We don’t sit back. We focus on keeping the customer happy and always go that extra 1.6km’s for them. Another one of our values!

Technology is rarely the problem

This continues to surprise me and always keeps me on my toes. There are challenges in every project we do, but they are almost always commercial or political (office politics) rather than technology based.

For example, we have a few government contracts, and the challenge is never: Can we deploy the technical here? It’s more going through the red tape and showing them that the end state is better than their current one and is worth the time for innovation.

I’m an avid video gamer

Photos _ Lee Stevenson - INT 1023 (2)

I just tried out Anthem over the weekend. But my go to at the moment is season 16 of Diablo III so on the weekend when I’m not hanging with the kids I’m playing online with friends.

Inside Insync: Sorry Lee, we asked you for six SURPRISING things. A tech head who is also into gaming is, um, NOT surprising!
Oh. Okay. Well I also dabble in music. I used to be a semi-professional musician. I play the bass – used to play in a band that was signed to a label. Electro inspired post-hardcore- heavy!
Inside Insync:
Better. Thank you.
Lee: You’re welcome.
Inside Insync: Now we know who to book for the office Christmas party. 
Lee: Um …
Inside Insync: Thanks Lee for your time and telling us Six Surprising Things.

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