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Inside Insync: Six Surprising Things about Khan Veziroglu

Inside Insync is all about digging a little deeper into the human side of our company and introducing you to us in a more personal way.

Six Surprising Things is our series to discover some unknown gems about the people who make up Insync. These insights range from things they’ve learned or love about their work here with us, to personal details about what makes them tick.

Today we meet:

Khan Veziroglu: Head of Operations

Time with Insync: Nearly two years

Previous notable time: The full gamut – business owner and time in both large and smaller organisations


Six Surprising Things with Khan Veziroglu

Inside Insync: It’s quite a coup to get to speak with Insync’s quiet achiever.
Khan: Am I?
Inside Insync: Aren’t you?
Khan: I do like to get things done.
Inside Insync: And you never make a big deal about it. You just … get things done.
Khan: Shall we get the interview done?
Inside Insync: Touché.


I like other people to succeed

Inside Insync: That could seem antithetical to succeeding yourself?
Khan: Not at all.
Inside Insync: Oh?

I get real enjoyment out of seeing people I work with succeed and go to the next level of their careers. It benefits everyone when people feel good about what they’re doing and their own achievements.

This also includes the enjoyment I get seeing clients happy and satisfied. Because my staff know how to solve problems and run tasks I can leave them to it. Clients feel like they are in good hands. They trust us. You can’t buy that.


I don’t like false sweeteners

Inside Insync: Sugar free diet?
Khan: Not exactly – although I do care about what I eat.

I’m talking more about communications – especially with customers. As part of my role I do have to say things as they are, I can’t sugar coat it. I have to be blunt at times.

Inside Insync: That can be tough. Not everyone likes hearing the truth.
Khan: I can’t be any other way. And I find that the more straightforward I am with clients, the more everyone benefits in the long run.


You’ve got to live it to know it

If you’re really interested in learning the ins and outs of business at all levels you’ve got to put in the hard yards. I’ve done a number of different things.

I’ve run my own businesses and learned about that kind of pressure. I’ve worked for large organisations where I got to really understand how important process is. Since 2010 I’ve been working for smaller organisations – and it’s amazing how I can see what I’ve experienced in larger companies translate into a smaller scale.

It’s helped me with being able to implement processes and other things that make big companies tick into these smaller companies. I’ve been on all sides – so I can adapt and bring different knowledge to the table which is important in a role like mine.


You might call me a process nerd

You’ve probably got this idea already – I really like making things work. When I put something in place which wasn’t in place before and sit back and see how it runs – that gives me satisfaction.

Right now, as an organisation we are pushing through a lot of changes. We’re moving towards a more process driven environment and it truly gives me an enormous amount of pleasure – I know, process nerd!

But seriously, as Head of Operations, it’s incredible to give our people good processes and the ability to step out of them when needed. That kind of flexibility is empowering.



Inside Insync: I’m sorry?
Khan: Yes.
Inside Insync: … okay. You’re saying yes to … ?
Khan: Everything.

My point is that a very simple word can be so crucial to how you see the world and also how you operate in business. Both life and business will throw up challenges. My mind set is if there’s a will there’s a way, anything is possible. You just need to have the right resources and motivation.

Inside Insync: Yes.
Khan: Exactly.


A bit of ordered chaos is relaxing

Saying yes and being a process nerd doesn’t mean I get to control everything. I have two kids. They are their own forces of nature and take up quite a bit of time of course.

When I’m not running around with or after them, I like to play Xbox games and I’m an avid gardener. This ranges from week to week maintenance mowing the lawn (process nerd!) through to growing herbs and vegetables. I don’t use pesticides so I pretty much leave the garden up to nature – ordered chaos. Sometimes I get quite a bit of food if the possum doesn’t get to it.

Inside Insync: Sounds like you’d be a good person to know in a post-apocalyptic movie when we all revert to subsistence living.
Khan: Um …
Inside Insync: Too dramatic? Sorry. I just mean – it sounds like you’re a good person to have around in general. And you know we all think that, right?
Khan: That’s nice to hear.
Inside Insync: Thanks Khan for your time and for telling us Six Surprising Things.