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Inside Insync: Six Surprising Things about Jenna Blake

Inside Insync is where we invite you into our company and introduce you to the team of actual (fabulous) humans who work here.

Six Surprising Things is our series to discover some unknown gems about the people who make up Insync. These insights range from things they’ve learned or love about their work here with us, to personal details about what makes them tick.

Today we meet:

Jenna Blake: Project Coordinator

Time with Insync: Joined September 2017

Previous notable time: Admin queen across a range of sectors and jobs


Six Surprising Things with Jenna Blake

Inside Insync: Hi Jenna.
Jenna: Hi!
Inside Insync: Look, we know you are right in the middle of a phone call, a meeting, a project brief, a new client introduction, a budget and a planning session so we understand if now is not a good time …
Jenna: No, it’s fine.
Inside Insync: Right. Wow. Okay. That multi-tasking is not a myth then.
Jenna: Well I have a slightly different take on it. And in fact that’s my first surprising thing.
Inside Insync: Great! Please go ahead.

I have supersonic listening skills

Yes it’s true that projection coordination is about doing a lot of tasks and holding a lot of information at once. But the thing I have learned that is even more of a ‘super power’ than multi-tasking – is listening.

Client liaison, keeping the teams I am coordinating happy, ensuring all parties are communicating and timelines are on track, this all comes down to listening. Of course then I talk and take action, but if I were to give one piece of advice about being a successful project coordinator it would definitely be to tune in to what people are saying and listen to what they need.

Happiness counts

I don’t know if happiness gets talked about often enough when it comes to the workplace. Insync is a great place to work and one of the reasons I like it so much is that I enjoy it. I like my colleagues. I like our customers.

Being part of a happy workplace and creating an atmosphere and work ethic where our customers are also happy – this is extremely important to me. Putting focus on that overall sense of happiness is just as important as closing deals and making sales.


I like to think big

A lot of our customers here at Insync are smaller in scale – small businesses and that kind of thing, which I enjoy.

But I also REALLY love the challenge of a larger and more complex project. And I also love working on projects and with customers who are making a big difference in the world.

That’s why I’m so excited by one of our current projects – with the Endeavour Foundation (who support people with intellectual disabilities). Working with NFPs is incredibly rewarding as you know that every small way you help them also helps their clients.


Tell the truth even when it’s hard

When I started at Insync one of the first things I saw and learned was a no bullshit policy. And it’s true. This is the foundation of how we are with customers and with each other.

For me, this is crucial. It’s about integrity and honesty. It’s better to say no to a customer than a false yes. If you make a promise you can’t keep or say yes to something you can’t deliver – that is so much worse in the long run than an honest no.

At Insync we have a great team ethos. I always feel really well supported by my manager and colleagues, so this value of honesty permeate all aspect of work here.


It (shouldn’t be) but still is a bit of a boy zone

Okay this isn’t a criticism about the guys I work with – they are all great. It’s just that I think IT could benefit from more women in the profession.

I did a lot of work in law firms before starting at Insync and the legal profession has a much greater balance of women and men.

Inside Insync: So you’re saying that cliché about IT nerds being mostly geeky guys is true?
Jenna: A little bit. And like I said – they’re awesome. Smart, and so good at what they do. I just think there’s more room for some geeky girls in this space as well. So – if you are a woman and you’re into tech and you’re reading this, I encourage you to go for it!


I’ve got itchy feet

Inside Insync: That must be uncomfortable …
Jenna: Not literally. Figuratively. I recently went on a trip to Hong Kong with my partner and it was amazing. I’m really keen now to do some more travel.

I love my job but I also really value time away from work. I love cooking and travelling is a way to taste new things and get new ideas. The world has so much to offer and I’m super excited to get out and see more of it.

Inside Insync: Thanks Jenna.
Jenna: You’re welcome.
Inside Insync: You can go back to your phone call, meeting, project brief, new client introduction, budget and planning session now.
Jenna: Oh I was doing them the whole time.
Inside Insync: Right. That’s exhausting. I need a lie down just thinking about it … Thanks Jenna for your physically expansive use of time and for telling us Six Surprising Things.