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Inside Insync: Meet David Andreata, Team Leader

Our Inside Insync series delves into the inner workings of life at Insync Technology – putting a microscope to what our team is delivering, what it’s like to work here and what’s on the horizon.

Today, we’re chatting with Team Leader, David Andreata.

Inside Insync: Hi David, thanks for agreeing to share some behind the scenes snippets at Insync Technology
David: My pleasure.
Inside Insync: You’ve only been with Insync Technology for 9 months, but you’re already playing a vital role in the company’s transition from start-up to the mature scalable business it is today.
David: Well, I try my best!

Tell us about your role and what exactly you do here at Insync

I’m the Team Leader for the Cross-Functional Team. So that means I manage three teams – the systems engineers, the senior systems engineers, and the consultants. Together these teams make up the cross-functional team.

The cross-functional team is the front-facing servicing team for our clients from a managed services point of view. On a day-to-day basis we maintain and manage customer environments, along with any escalated issues that come up.

How have you seen Insync Technology grow and change since you joined?

Insync Technology restructured towards the end of 2018. Our rapid growth meant that we were outgrowing our ‘start-up mentality’ – the company started in 2013. We needed to scaleup. The restructure gave us clear and solid roles – and mine is one that came out of the restructure. It’s given me some meaty projects to work on and interesting day-to-day tasks, plus people management, which I love.

Where did you work before joining Insync Technology?

I previously worked at other MSPs (Managed Service Providers) for several years. In the last six years I’ve been a technical team lead, which means I’ve been a mentor, as well as someone people come to with questions.

Which part of your role do you enjoy most?

I love mentoring new staff who haven’t worked for an MSP before. It’s an interesting change for them, because every client has different requirements and therefore different infrastructure to support them.

It can be a little daunting at first as you need to jump between customers all the time. So I mentor staff through the process of working with multiple customers and environments. I like giving them the tools they need to feel confident in dealing with any situation.

What else drives you to do the work you do?

My main driver is the betterment of Insync Technology. We have an incredible culture at Insync driven by our core values. One of those is ‘don’t walk past a problem’. I gain great satisfaction from working through problems and seeing things progress. Our team and our customers really come together as we go forward.

Is your team working on anything exciting right now?

The daily management of our clients’ environments is exciting – as is bedding down the structure of our team, our processes and finding the best ways of working with each other. I’m looking forward to seeing our team excel in 2019 thanks to all this groundwork.

What are the main challenges you’re facing at the moment?

Moving from start-up to scale-up is always challenging. But we’ve worked with an external HR company to create new processes and policies to bed down our new structure. Coming out of that project was the need for our team to document our policies and processes too. That’s been hugely helpful as now there’s a tiered team structure, the only way to have consistent outcomes as tickets move through, is to have these processes in place. We’ve been able to find more clarity and efficiency, so we can work more fluidly together to ensure exceptional outcomes for our customers.

What does ‘innovation’ mean to you?

Always moving forward and having an open mind.

A lot of people in IT get comfortable with a particular piece of tech, and they tend to stagnate and hold onto the info. I’m always questioning the status quo and will continue to do so.

Where would we find you on the weekend?

I love snowboarding, so when it comes to weekends and holidays, I’m always headed somewhere cold. Like many in the IT industry I also enjoy gaming. When I don’t have a controller or a snowboard in my hand, you’ll find me having a drink with friends and just hanging out.

Inside Insync: So you haven’t tried snowboarding, gaming and drinking at the same time?! Phew!
David: That would be dangerous.
Inside Insync: Yes it would! Good point! Thanks for sharing your Insync story.

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