inside insync , | 2021/05/10 at 2:34pm

Inside Insync – Gabriele Marozza

Today we meet: 

Gabriele Marozza


Time with Insync: January 2020

Previous notable time in IT industry/customer/vendor: 25 years in the IT Financial and Insurance Sector

What are your best skills for your role?

All-round “Jack of all Trades”.

What do you like about your role? 

Direct interaction with vendors, customers, and exposure to technology.

What trends are you seeing with customers? 

Outsourcing their IT services, cloud provision oriented, becoming more decentralised with their operations and ways of working.

What do you think about the opportunity for Teams for customers?  

Endless! How far do you want to go? It is such a great way to work and collaborate!

Where have you used Insync core values in Insync everyday work life:

The IT landscape is changing so rapidly that to pretend to be an expert in the Subject and “know it all” is unrealistic so I tend to inform our customers that if I don’t know, happens often nowadays.…  I will make no excuses but rather work with the resources internally at Insync Technology and with our Vendors to find the best fit for the customer.


What do you like to do in your downtime?

Spare time! What spare time?  LOL …

I am a big motorsports fan so anything with speed, whether it be with 2 or 4 wheels. I’m also a big fan of football, the real football (round ball). And with 3 boys heavy into sports I’m always in the thick of it! Oh and I do enjoy a good bourbon or a glass of red…