inside insync , | 2018/10/24 at 5:11pm

Inside Insync – Duncan Moore

Today we meet:

Duncan Moore: Account Manager

Time with Insync: January 2018

Previous notable time: Digital Account Management in publishing sector


What are your best skills for your role?

I like to think I am very good with people, form a rapport quite well, manage the relationship side of the job well – I consider my empathy, soft skills and dealing with people key to getting the best outcomes. I think it allows the customer to feel comfortable with me, reach out to get help, align with strategy, we’re dependable and I take their concerns seriously, get the right people involved when necessary. I like to build up trusted relationships with customers to get stuff done.


What do you like about your role?

It’s similar stuff, I like dealing with people – meeting with people – identifying problems we can solve with technology to get a business outcome. As frustrating as sales can be sometimes, it’s also the best aspect of the job – meeting people, viewing from different perspectives, helping solve some key business challenges. Personally, I like working at Insync, it has a great supportive culture and colleagues. Our corporate values help us make sure we are all bringing our A game to work for our customers. Insync isn’t overwhelmed by technical people – we have the technical depth where required, and employ good people who are focused on customer outcomes.


What trends are you seeing with customers?

In the Modern Workplace space, the move to cloud is even more prevalent, lots of our customers are getting better connectivity that allows them to take advantage of the cloud and platforms that haven’t previously been available to them. Cloud isn’t really a yes or no question now, it’s a given, and Insync is there to assist customers to make the best use of cloud platforms and services, and being able to rationalise costs.

There is definitely an appetite for streamlining and cost-take out, especially in security and communications – especially with things like Telstra Calling, and Direct Routing through Teams. Customers are beginning to manage their vendors better to get outcomes, rather than a one-stop shop with generalised skills. Connectivity is improving to a lot of customers via the NBN but also presents challenges like ISDN shutdown, and cost pressures to make sure you choose the right solution for your business.


What do you think about the opportunity for Teams for customers?

It represents a large opportunity for both partners and customers, as Microsoft builds out the product further, consolidation of platforms and services is key. Consolidating context and data into single pane of glass for end users, from the front line to the boardroom. Lots of business platforms and data can be exposed through Teams to streamline their business processes and day to day work to make them more productive, mobile and engaged. The biggest challenges to Teams are around usage, governance and adoption. That’s why we have specific offerings for customers to make sure they are using Teams in a well – managed way.


Where have you used the Insync Core Values in everyday work life?

I operate with all the core values in mind, but to me a key one in sales is the “Don’t bulls#!t the customer” – I am not trying to sell customers for the sake of selling them, the solutions we offer take away pain, improve efficiencies and productivity to help customers embrace a digital workplace.

The solution HAS to address a problem and are allied to an outcome. My customers know that they can come to me and know that I will chase down the answers, people and resources to make them successful. Whether its project resources, technical advice, adoption and best practices, Microsoft funding programs – I will help them get the best result. That has been borne out in the last few months by going the extra 1.6 kms for the customer and its resulted in successful projects for the customer when we can bring all of our expertise to bear across a range of products like Teams, Voice and Security.


What do you like to do in your downtime?

I like to play social sport, and I’m a big fan of the NHL (particularly the Toronto Maple Leafs) and baseball after living in Canada for 5 years. I watch a fair few NHL games (streamed live if the time difference works) and probably spend too much time on my fantasy hockey teams. I try and travel as often as I can and spent 9 months back packing through Asia and North America a few years back. I read voraciously and started my career in the publishing industry off the back of dual Bachelor degrees in Business (Marketing) and Fine Arts (Creative Writing).