inside insync , | 2020/12/14 at 2:44pm

Inside Insync – Ben Wirihana

Today we meet: 

Ben Wirihana, 

Team Lead 

Time with Insync:  November 2017 

Previous notable time in IT industry:  I have been working in IT since 2007, back when 19” CRT’s were the jam. 

What are your best skills for your role?
I enjoy problem-solving.  I may not be able to address all problems by myself, but I can find and empower the appropriate resources to ensure the timely resolution of issues.  

What do you like about your role?
I appreciate the people I work with.  I enjoy working with a capable and efficient team in a supportive environment.  I like the flexibility that I have in my roleas I can work from anywhere. 

What trends are you seeing with customers? 

This year has been challenging.  We are seeing the adoption and integration of technology to improve the effectiveness in communication within organisations.  Workplaces require more robust solutions to ensure their remote working environments remain available and secure.  

What do you think about the opportunity for Teams for customers?
We rely heavily on Teams for our internal and external communications.  I think it is a great and secure solution that can help to bring dispersed organisations back together. 

Where have you used Insync core values in Insync everyday work life: 

“Don’t walk past a problem”.  In our team, we are responsible for the role of dispatch.  It is important for our customers to receive prompt feedback when they require urgent assistance.  When performing the role of dispatch, I am not always able to provide an immediate solution.  When this situation occurs, I take responsibility of the case until a more appropriate resource can be given ownership.  This ensures that there is an available resource to communicate with the customer.  Open communication helps everyone to make informed decisions, creating a better customer experience.  

What do you like to do in your downtime?
In my downtime I enjoy going to the gym, playing basketball and bingeing Netflix.  My goal is to have more time to play video games.