inside insync , | 2020/09/28 at 2:24pm

Inside Insync – Anneliese Luz

Today we meet: 

Anneliese Luz – Adoption Consultant  

Time with Insync: July 2020

Previous notable time in IT industry: 

Not having a lot of previous experience in the IT industry is actually a strength of mine in my adoption role.  I connect with the challenges that people face when migrating to and learning new applications, and can assist and encourage them in a non-technical and easy manner. 

What are your best skills for your role?

Mix Approachable with adaptable. 

In a separate bowl add in a heaped interest in learning and facilitation. 

Combine together and add a good pinch of people skills. 

What do you like about your role?

I am on a constant learning curve, which allows me to grow personally and professionally.  I get real enjoyment helping our customers to adopt new modern ways of working. 

What trends are you seeing with customers? 

Rapid online organisational transformation and onboarding of new modern technologies to assist staff to function and enrich remote collaboration and connection.  This is the new post Covid world. 

What do you think about the opportunity for Teams for customers? 

Seriously, it’s got dynamic rich functioning features that will just keep on improving.  I really don’t know how I worked without it – Once your staff build up their confidence (I can help with this part) they will love it too!

Where have you used Insync core values in Insync everyday work life: 

Coming from a non-technical background, I have really stepped outside my knowledge boundaries and gone the extra 1.6 KM to learn and upskill on the job. Putting in lots of effort to be effective and contribute to my Team. Working for Insync matches my own values.  I love that I can be open, honest and fundamentally  human in my work environment and facilitation work with Clients. 


What do you like to do in your downtime?

I have a 5 & 7 year old and an adoring Hubby.  I like nothing better than to head out for a bike ride, go camping and be outdoors with my family.