| 2017/11/02 at 12:48pm

Innovation in education: automating processes in private schools

Australia’s independent school sector is becoming increasingly competitive. To maintain a high level of enrolments and a positive reputation, you need to operate as efficiently as possible, attract the best teachers, and display superior academic and social outcomes.

However, when it comes to achieving these goals, a significant number of private schools in Australia are still held back by their technology. Many processes are still performed manually, and technology is often disconnected and disparate – meaning staff need to use a whole raft of different systems and tools in order to get their jobs done.

How automating key processes can make a difference

Regardless of its size, every independent school in Australia has several administrative functions. These include things such as on-boarding new students and staff, collecting fees, paying and scheduling staff, and even coordinating events.

Without process automation in place, it can be very difficult for administrative staff to stay on top of the many tasks that take up their time. When administrative tasks are managed manually, they can also be time-consuming and prone to error. Plus, administrative resources end up being tied up with completing manual tasks, when they could be focusing on ways to improve the school through acquiring new resources or establishing effective external relationships.

There are several key processes that could potentially be automated within a school context. Examples include:

  • Consolidating and simplifying the way in which staff (and students) log in to different systems and access tools and resources.
  • Enabling self-service when it comes to things like re-setting passwords and downloading apps.
  • Streamlining the on-boarding (and off-boarding) process for new students or members of staff.
  • Automatically scheduling teachers, especially casual teachers, on an ongoing basis.
  • Managing the rollover of classes and year levels and ensuring the correct student is always allocated to the correct class and level.
  • Ensuring technology is always up to date via security patches and upgrades.
  • Financial management, through fee collection, payroll, paying for third party services and more.
  • Sharing resources between teachers, classes and across campuses.

How can technology help?

Process automation is enabled by a range of solutions – in particular, Insync’s Modern Automation Platform, which is powered by Microsoft’s Identity Manager. This innovative solution empowers users for self-service, automates most common tasks, eliminates human error, protects data and provides detailed reports as often as they are required.  

A success story: How All Hallows School saved thousands of hours in time and effort

All Hallows’ School in Brisbane was utilising almost 1 to 1.5 full time employees on on-boarding, off boarding and managing staff and student logins to Microsoft products and various other platforms. This was taking time away from valuable tasks such as face time with customers – students, teachers and administrative staff. Their systems were also prone to human error.

The school wanted a solution that could empower their users for self-service, as well as automate as many of the common tasks as possible. Through automation, they could achieve scale, save time and improve the quality of service they were delivering to their stakeholders – ultimately, students and teaching staff. 

With All Hallows’ School using more and more of the Microsoft public cloud environment, including Office 365 and Azure, they also needed automation tools that would handle provisioning, configuration and ongoing management of these cloud-based assets. They needed a reliable and practically bulletproof solution for automating daily and weekly tasks for students impacted by the changes.

Insync suggested that All Hallows’ invest in their Modern Automation Platform, which would allow automation and self-service within the wider Microsoft environment. Insync worked with All Hallows’ to develop workflows that achieved a series of solutions, including automation for provisioning, configuration and ongoing management of all of their cloud based assets and self-service for their users.

The implementation of Insyncs’ Modern Automation Platform has saved the school thousands of man hours and employee time and effort. It enables the configuration of each user and scripting the deployment of permissions and software – all the while reducing error and giving more face time back to their customers: staff and students.

To learn more about process automation and what it could mean for your school:

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