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Keeping your team and organisation safe and secure with Microsoft 365


We don't allow contractors and visitors to have perpetual access to our offices, so why do we allow guests in Microsoft 365 to continue having access to data?

Many of the functions needed by users and administrators to adequately manage guests in Microsoft 365, from the invitation process through to reporting and lifecycle management, are either too difficult to use or simply don’t exist.

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Improved user experience with more visibility into invitation and approval process.

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Control Experience Process

Personalised experience for guest use through profile photos, personalised invitations and transparency of responsibility and information.

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Admin Management

Management solution for admin which enables more admin actions, listing and control.

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Secure M365 Environment

Control who has access to your organisations Microsoft Teams environment.

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Cost Effective

Pricing based on number of licensed M365 users

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Life-cycle Management

Monitoring and reporting capabilities on guest inactivity.

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Guest Manager for Microsoft 365 improves the experience for your guests, users, administrators, as well as making your organisation more secure and compliant.

What are some of the benefits of Guest Manager for Microsoft 365?

How much does this service cost?

The bigger the organisation the cheaper it gets per person, and if you sign up for an annual subscription the price is reduced further.

Are you still uncertain of what Guest Management in Microsoft Teams means for your organisation?

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