Insync Tech Talk , Tech Expert , technological change , training , upskill , | 2021/05/07 at 4:40pm

Drive lasting change with Nulia

By Stuart Moore

Sometimes, in large technology projects, it isn’t the technology that needs attention – it’s the people factor. People are notoriously adverse to change, and there are any number of models that describe an organisational change or technology change process (Prosci’s ADKAR, Kübler-Ross, many others) that provide guidance and a framework for implementing change.

One of the key concerns in a modern workforce is the ability for skills change and skills uplift across an organisation. Whereas maybe 5-10 years ago, CEOs, CFOs and COOs were all about profit and maximising the bottom line – more recently there has been more focus on the people of an organisation and how to attract & retain key talent and increase their people’s skills to compete more effectively in an increasingly globalised economy. This is where any technology change has impacts – ensuring staff can do their jobs efficiently and effectively using the tools provided for them, where they can conduct impactful work and be fulfilled and then leave work behind at the end of the day. Toolsets provided by organisations such as Microsoft 365 and the Office suite are typically used within small to medium businesses through to enterprises and governments across the world. Using these products and services on a daily basis is critical to getting work done for millions if not billions of people worldwide.

A key challenge when deploying these toolsets is the digital skills of an organisation’s workforce – what is the point of giving them high productivity tools if they cannot use them effectively to gain an advantage? This is where Nulia comes in as a way to distribute, manage and measure your workforce’s digital skillset across the Microsoft productivity platforms.

Nulia is a way for your IT and HR teams to gauge the organisations skills, provide customised opt-in training and author challenges for your organisation to take part in – all with the goal of raising digital dexterity across the organisation and driving more value out a Microsoft investment. Nulia also provides the ability to build collections of digital skills in a bundle named “Outcome” and this might be something like “Collaborating with your Team”. This would bring together various digital skills across Microsoft Teams, Outlook and SharePoint to guide, train and measure users on how to best get the Outcome. This can then be measured across the organisation and dashboards are available to HR business partners and ICT leaders to then look at trends, insights in particular areas, or see areas that need attention and more personalised / contextual training.

Users are also encouraged to build their skills via informative weekly digests – they can schedule some training enablement or look to further their skills through interactive guides. This then updates their skill levels and skills points – enabling gamification and ‘badging’ of users that have achieved certain skill levels. There is also varying levels – you can’t expect everyone in the organisation to be a Master at some skills – they really need what they need to do their job and nothing more – and Nulia provides targeted skilling based on what the user really needs to know to perform their roles.

Nulia on its own is a great digital enablement tool, and at Insync Technology, we have taken it a step further by integrating it with our Champions Programs and guided Adoption programs. This helps to add additional context and guidance, by providing more business-specific scenarios and outcomes and as a result, drive lasting change. It might be suitable to an organisation that has a reasonable level of digital dexterity already and is chasing further gains. Nulia can be procured in either manner – suited to the expectations of our customers. Nulia is also fully integrated with Microsoft Azure Active Directory – ensuring secure and compliant access and can also be embedded into Teams as an application.

If you’ve got colleagues and the exec team concerned with digital skilling and how to enable this across your organisation – get in touch for a demo & walkthrough!