COVID19 , Insync Blogs , Insync News , work from home , | 2020/03/17 at 1:50pm

COVID19 – Customer Update

We’re sure everyone is aware of the challenge that COVID19 represents to businesses and organisations across Australia and the globe. 

Insync is following State & Federal Government guidelines regarding physical distancing, travel and workforce management. 

In real terms, here are some of the questions we have been asked in the last little while and details about how we are responding to this challenge: 

What about my managed services agreement – are you able to ensure continuity and responsiveness of service? 

Insync operates a distributed workforce from Cairns to Melbourne. A high percentage of our workforce already works from home regularly, and all our systems are Cloudbased and available anywhere. We do not foresee nor expect any impact to service delivery during this period. 

What about onsite visits for incidents?

We will work through this with the individual customer affected, adhering to any Coronavirus policies and guidance. 

We need to prioritise a remote working or work from home solution – can you help?

Yes. Please see your Account Manager or Service Delivery Manager, or call through to our team. We are prioritising customer demand based on existing projects that are put on hold and new projects that need assistance. 

What are your workforce impacts?

Based on a survey we conducted last week, there is approximately a 9% impact to our workforce if Schools / Early Learning Centres were to close. We believe there is sufficient and burstable capability in our team to manage our project and managed services business during this period of increased demand. 

Are our offices open?

At this stage yes, there has been no instruction to close our offices. Most of our staff have chosen to work from home but the office is available for them and for any meetings should they be required. 

What about project and service delivery meetings?

These will be conducted via Microsoft Teams and we will confirm with our customers if facetoface is required and the procedure for this. 

What are you doing to support remote work?

As part of our survey last week we identified some gaps in our staff work from home infrastructure. Docks, monitors and ancillaries have been supplied to our team to facilitate full work from home facilities. 

Stay safe, stay well and wash your hands!