Moving your telecommunications infrastructure to the cloud makes great sense. It means you can rely less on your aging telephony structure, and reduce the costs, maintenance and complexity of your overall telecommunications system.

Unfortunately, however, a move to the cloud isn’t as easy as flicking a switch. It can be, well, awkward… and time consuming. You need to consider the overall lifecycle of your solution, exactly how you will integrate it, whether or not you need managed services, how you’ll train your people up on the new solution, and much more.

It’s why Insync has partnered with Microsoft to help businesses of all sizes seamlessly transition to Cloud PBX.

By replacing your traditional phone system with a set of calling features delivered in Office 365 with Skype for Business Online, we can help you can enjoy new levels of flexibility across your business. Your people can make, receive and transfer calls to and from phones, tablets and PCS, and enjoy all of the IM and conferencing functionality of Skype for Business. And your IT team can simply access the Office 365 administrator portal for quick and easy management.

Plus, Insync can take care of the entire process for you – from integration, to training and adoption. So you get the expert advice and support you need, and none of the awkward hiccups.




We have extensive experience with the Microsoft suite, including Skype for Business

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We have the cloud capability, Skype for Business expertise and on-premise voice experience necessary to successfully shift your PBX to the cloud.

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We don’t just focus on technology. We also provide a rigorous change management across integration, training and adoption.

Managed Service


If you choose, we can provide Cloud PBX with Appliance as a Managed Service. This means we manage your transition, control access for your users and partners, and provide ongoing solution support.



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