Insync Tech Talk , microsoft teams , | 2021/03/08 at 4:16pm

Breaking traditions with Breakout Rooms

by Sandy Catalucci

Breakout rooms was a new feature introduced within Microsoft Teams Meetings in late 2020. Over the past few months at Insync Technology, we’ve been busy identifying use cases with our customers and happily stumbling across our own use cases for using the breakout room feature within a Microsoft Teams Meeting. Here are a few examples –

Online university tutorials 

Insync Technology is working with a university that has shifted its entire schools to an online delivery model –  including all of its weekly tutorials. During the tutorials, some lecturers are using breakout rooms to split students into working groups to identify problems and discuss solutions together in an online setting. When the exercise is over, the lecturer closes the breakout rooms and students return to the main tutorial session to discuss the allocated problem and the solutions they came up with. The advantage of using breakout rooms within a Microsoft Teams Meeting is that it enables students to make new connections in a way similar to a traditional lecture format that they have not been able to do so since the course has been shifted to an online setting.


University breakout room


Assigning a buddy to work within our M365 Champion Program

As part of our Microsoft 365 Champion Program, participants are matched with a ‘buddy’ to work through a series of activities to test their knowledge and skill level with applications in the Microsoft 365 suite of tools. We’ve adjusted our program to utilise the breakout room feature when we kick off this session where participants are randomly split into groups of two. We then allow time for participants to meet and introduce themselves and work on their first activity together as an icebreaker.

Introducing breakout rooms to the champion program has been a great way to manage the session online and also a great opportunity to demonstrate the feature in a contextual and interactive way that enables participants to experience it for themselves.


buddy breakout room example


Online trivia and games session

Like most organisations across the world, we’ve navigated multiple lock downs and the adjustment of increased remote working due to COVID-19. To maintain positive morale, our Happiness Coordinator, Emma Schellhorn (yes we have one of those) organised a fun olympic session. This began with the arrival of a care package full of delicious treats and instructions to join a Teams Meeting.

We were split into manually created breakout rooms to meet our triva team mates and strategise who would tackle each challenge. We were then called back to the main room to start the first round team challenges. Some of these hilarious activities involved designated team mates racing against a time clock to see who can put on seven tshirts in the quickest time frame to other designated team mates standing in the room balancing books on their head.

Another social activity we held was a trivia afternoon. For trivia challenges, we broke into our designated teams via breakout rooms to answer a list of questions. Breakout rooms allowed team mates to huddle and come up with their team name, and to collectively agree on answers to triva questions. The Format would not have been possible without the breakout room feature!


games room breakout