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Automation for Professional Services

Professional services organisations could arguably be the most time aware people in the workforce today, due in no small part to the fact that they generally bill per hour. To most professional services, time is money in the most literal sense.

Given this reality, we find it astounding when we come across professional services organisations who do not yet employ the use of automation technology to its fullest. For those clients of ours who have adopted and embraced the use of automation technology to take care of those repetitive, time consuming tasks, we have seen literally hundreds if not thousands of man hours saved.

The time saved, by billable hours’ staff not just admin staff has had a direct impact on the organisation’s bottom line AND has improved processes, and all but eliminated human error from these tasks.

So what kinds of tasks are you able to automate as a professional services organisation?

Administrative Staff

  • On boarding and off boarding staff – new starters or a new business unit spun up – enable all of their productivity and line of business applications immediately
  • Password resets – minimise load on your support staff by enacting self-service password resets
  • Detailed reporting & analytics – need to know when and where incidents impact your bottom line? Automated reporting and analytics can run continuously across your environment ensuring you have the most up to date information to make smarter decisions


  • End user interactions – provide automated self-service reports, job or process status updates
  • Alerting of where projects or clients are running overtime, managing cost and risk
  • Customer relationship management – using automation tools to profile and identify opportunities within existing customers, or a new revenue stream previously unknown

You may be asking yourself why, if the technology is that great, don’t aren’t professional services organisations adopting the use of automation tech? The answer is simple – they are not aware that it’s available. And where they do know about it, many think it to be a lot more complicated than it actually is.

Contrasted to early, very complicated automation tech – admittedly fraught with errors and bugs – that was available a decade ago, the technology available to us today could literally be used by a child. Once setup, it requires very little technical expertise – and what little there is to know, can be easily taught.

We have made it our mission here at Insync Technology to educate as many organisation as will listen about the benefits of using the incredible tech available to us. To find out more about how your organisation can benefit visit our Automation for Professional Services page or contact us on 1300 652 207.