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Automate, Automate, Automate! The Gateway to the Modern Workplace

When websites were first introduced as a business tool, we all knew of the (sometimes very vocal) opinions of its detractors. “They’ll never take off.” Or “It’s just a gimmick.” Or even “It’s a waste of money that provides little to no benefit to my business.”.

Today, people are much wizened to the fact that a website is a crucial part of any organisation – the creation of websites in fact are often scheduled before any trading happens, shortly after (sometimes before) incorporation.

In today’s technologically advanced workplace, there is technology that, like websites, will become an inevitability – a crucial part of any business – and which, like websites, have detractors. That is Automation technology.

What few people recognise is the vital importance of the role automation technology will have in the very near future. At this stage, early adopters, who employ automation technology in all appropriate areas of their businesses have, at the very least, an edge over their competitors – perhaps a cost saving, or an employee’s time saving benefit – in a few short years, we predict that those who DON’T employ integrated automation technology throughout their organisations will be at an enormous disadvantage and will ultimately capitulate or go the way of the dinosaurs.

Neil Glentworth, from respected consulting firm Glentworth recently wrote “Automation – robots – are taking over many aspects of our lives. Think back 20 years ago: you had to wind down a car window, we turned a knob on a radio to tune it in, we sent letters and accepted delayed response. We now take for granted even the most basic of actions that have become automated. In 2016 automation is taking over further – have you bought a robotic vacuum cleaner yet? The stark reality: automation is coming to you faster than you think and that means change.”

The fact is that automation technology – easy to use and relatively inexpensive – is saving many tens of thousands of dollars and man hours by automating those tasks that are repetitive and do not require the creativity of the human brain.

In our pool of clients, those that adopt automation technology are freeing their people up to innovate and work on ways to improve their organisations. They are already reaping the benefits in their reputation as leaders in their fields and of course financially, in their bottom line.

Automation Technology is undoubtedly the gateway to the Modern Workplace. Employing it in your organisation is not a question of if any more, it’s a question of when. So we leave you today with one question:

When will your organisation become a Modern Workplace?

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