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Insync Technology supports customers to find smarter and better ways of working. We provide tailored programs to organisations who have not yet realised the full potential of their Microsoft features. By providing in-depth, customised programs with a focus on business outcomes – we help your workforce level up with a goal of working better. 


Through initiatives like our Champions Program and the Insync Technology Microsoft 365 Bootcamp we help businesses to shift their workforce mindset from traditional to a Modern Workplace.  


We work with customers to ensure they have the right policies, frameworks and knowledge to work collaboratively. We provide expertise based on specific knowledge gaps. Insync Technology understands that change doesn’t happen overnight, and our staggered programs reflect this. We provide a forum for ongoing discussion and introduce new skills once staff are familiar with the basics to provide a seamless transformation.  
Maximise your existing Microsoft investment
Increase knowledge and familiarity across core applications and features
Provide a forum to share insights and explain new features
Reduce inbox clutter and increase productivity
Access to a range of learning guides, videos and practical tips

Food Agility overhauls IT software to become a connected and collaborative modern workplace

Established in 2018, Food Agility grew quickly and by the following year there were staff working from multiple locations across the country. The office productivity tools and multiple-point solutions initially set up were no longer manageable. The Food Agility team were becoming increasingly frustrated with trying to use platforms that didn’t integrate with each other. In 2019 Food Agility sought help from Insync Technology to review and improve the way the organisation was working – with a focus on collaboration and teamwork. Food Agility found that Office 365 also provided much better connection for remote staff and made the staff feel like one team, not multiple divisions of a team.

There’s a lot of advice I can give but the two key things are to a) start small and let staff get familiar, you don’t want to overwhelm them and b) invest in training. The training we received from Insync Technology has been instrumental in our successful migration to Office 365. I just can’t imagine having the same experience if we hadn’t had such comprehensive and thoughtful training,” 

Megan Cetinic, Food Agility CRC
Head of Governance, Corporate and Culture

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