About Us

Our Vision
We believe Microsoft technology should enable and empower every person and business on the planet.

But let’s start with Australia. Insync is dedicated to becoming a true, valued partner with our customers – to help them embrace modern productivity tools and platforms to transform their businesses, schools or governments to achieve more.

Insync was founded in May 2013 by three individuals who wanted to deliver quality Microsoft consulting and project services to customers across Australia. The business has grown substantially since and has permanent, established operations in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne.

Our Values
These are our non-negotiable values. These guide our behaviours and decision making at all levels.

  1. Don’t bull$#!t the customer. They’re why we’re here.
  2. Go the extra 1.6 kilometres – don’t accept average results from ourselves, vendors, or customers
  3. Be open and honest – value transparency and outcomes for customers
  4. Make a call – decide with your best judgement
  5. Admire your work – take the opportunity to have impact, learn and grow
  6. Don’t walk past a problem – if there’s a better way, let’s do it!


Our Executive Team

Meet our fearless leaders and founders.

Our Service Team

These guys are the brains of the company – the best in the business!

Gold Certified

Insync Technology is a Gold Certified Microsoft partner across the following disciplines; Communications, Cloud Productivity, Cloud Platform, Collaboration & Content, Messaging, Datacentre, Windows & Devices and Enterprise Mobility Management.

White Papers

We’ve put our collective brains together to come up with some amazing and insightful white papers for you.

Webinars and Round Tables

We’re all about education here at Insync. To that end, we constantly run webinars and round tables for your benefit. Register your interest through the link below.

Some Of Our Clients

The Modern Workplace Alliance

In 2017 Insync Technology joined forces with Adopt & Embrace, Engage2, Versor and XR Elements to form the Modern Workplace Alliance.

Our aim is to drive forward a vision of the Modern Workplace. Together we provide our customers with the tools that best suit their unique needs; tools that engage, empower and connect teams and customers. Insync Technology is proud to be a partner of the Modern Workplace Alliance.

Discover what is possible. Take our 10 minute assessment to see where your organisation is on the Modern Workplace transformation journey and receive some tips on how to improve.