| 2018/02/13 at 11:00am

3 ways a Business Intelligence solution could help your school do more with less

By incorporating data insights, schools can continually evolve the way they are operating – both in the office and the classroom. 

Here are three ways in which business intelligence can help create a more modern school:

Improving learning outcomes

With a reliable Business Intelligence solution – such as Microsoft Power BI – your school could effectively identify students needing additional support, and provide them with the resources necessary to improve performance and contribute to a higher academic rating for the school.

In the modern school, descriptive and predictive analytics can be used to give teachers and administrators a way to measure and monitor student performance, and pre-empt student disengagement. This means the school can intervene early to get the student moving in the right direction.

By aggregating multiple types of student data – such as attendance, family, participation in food programs, transportation, and other social factors – schools can use machine learning to monitor for indications of risk, as well as determine the effectiveness of programs. The system can also be used to minimise risk, as well as to attract the right student profile through effective targeting using prescriptive analytics.


Source: Microsoft’s Education Book of Dreams

Empowering teachers

With the right statistics, you can also give teachers the insight they need to more effectively plan classes, coach under-performing students and maximise the potential of high achievers. Plus, you can enhance their ability to work from anywhere – whether in the classroom, library or even at home.

Enabling more efficient management

Business Intelligence solutions can also be used effectively in schools in an operational context. Business managers and office staff can get at-a-glance insights on things such as staff scheduling, payroll, supplier deliveries, overdue payments and much more.

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