| 2018/02/20 at 11:00am

24/7 learning: How to cater for the modern student

Today’s student has higher expectations of their educational provider than ever before.

To be effective, students need to be able to seamlessly integrate technology, and to access their information anywhere, from any location and from any device.

Catering for the modern student means providing:

Round the clock access to information

Accustomed to receiving access to information around the clock, students want to learn at their pace – and expect to be able to access information resources when it suits them.

Anytime, anywhere access

Similarly, students expect to be able to connect to other students– and their learning resources – from any location, whether it’s the classroom, library or even their home.

Collaboration tools

Education has also become a very collaborative experience – and students expect to be able to communicate and share information – as well as work collaboratively on projects – wherever they happen to be. This is where cloud-based productivity tools such as Microsoft Office 365 can deliver an enormous benefit.

Robust security

Today’s students, teachers and parents also expect premium levels of security – a data breach simply isn’t an option. They expect that their personal information will be kept secure and safe within the school – and any breach of this confidence could have very serious implications. Mandatory data breach and discosure laws come into effect in February 2018, and public cloud platforms and their inherent security features lend themselves well to coping with sustained attacks and the notion of untrusted networks. After all, these providers are investing billions in intelligent security networks that can collate and protect their infrastructure from attacks on a global basis. On-premises infrastructure and expertise simply cannot compete with these providers.

Reliable back-up and data recovery

With the availability of cloud-based data back-up and recovery, students also expect to have their valuable information safeguarded should disaster occur.


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