There has been a lot of activity in Microsoft’s Cloud offering when it comes to voice & collaboration, and we’re pretty excited here at Insync Technology HQ about the future of Enterprise Telephony!

You’ll start seeing some of the epic new features (which have only just hit the digital shelves) making themselves known over the course of the next few months, but here are some of our highlights:

  • Skype Meeting Broadcast: Skype for Business now not only features all the traditional benefits of a unified communications platform but have now rounded out their offering to include Skype Broadcast services – broadcasting Skype for Business meetings to up to 10,000 participants in a town hall style web-streaming fashion. Now you can produce and curate your meetings, with Q&A functionality and social media integration for trends.
  • Cloud PBX: With a small on premise footprint you can bring your own (BYO) telephony to Office 365 and use Skype for Business Online delivered out of the Office 365 cloud with voice services using Cloud Connector Imagine the future where you can simply buy your telephony, productivity and collaboration services from Microsoft. It’s closer than you think.
  • Offline Messaging: Send Instant Messages to offline users;  missed messages can be received on any platform using Skype for Business or email – This service is starting first with  Windows users but support for other platforms will follow.
  • Skype for Business Mobile: Users can now call Skype Consumer users on iOS and Android devices via video now. Previously it was only Skype Consumer accounts using Windows – with the prolific use of mobile devices, this is just another way of making business telephony more accessible
  • Video Based Screen Sharing: This now uses separate video stream, which is faster than RDP. To top it off, you’ll get high definition screen sharing at up to 15 frames per second with more efficient use of bandwidth – of course for those who clients who are unsupported, it falls back to RDP.

Insync is holding a Skype for Business roadmap/update on the 28 of April 2016, where we’ll detail these (and so many more!) awesome new features you’ll soon be able to have access to in the enterprise telephony world.

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