The rules have changed – what’s your path to a Modern Council?

Councils helped so far

With Local Government customers spanning Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria – we know Council business inside out. The rules have changed – you need to do more with less and deliver results to ratepayers and your executive. Make technology a driver of more effective governance. Let us guide you on the path to modern, with solutions for improving the efficiency, accessibility, and security of your services.

For municipalities and government agencies, technology can help you “do more with less” to fulfill your charter for responsible governance. Modernizing your IT can help you be more efficient, resilient, and better able to sustain a healthy community. But how do you get there?

Solutions from Microsoft can help you modernize your Council with a complete, flexible, and trusted platform that spans the entire IT ecosystem—from server to cloud, and desktop to mobile devices.

Modern Councils are:

  • Efficient – adapt to changing community needs while getting the most out of your IT investments
  • Connected – enable a mobile Council workforce without compromising security or standards
  • Secure – managing risk and protecting Council and ratepayer data
  • Community-minded – forging links with community for a deeper understanding of their requirements and needs

Let us help you get to Modern.